SILENT FILMS , 1877-1996 – Robert Klepper

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SILENT FILMS , 1877-1996 – Robert Klepper


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Robert Klepper. This film reference covers 646 silent motion pictures, starting with Eadweard Muybridge’s initial motion photography experiments in 1877 and even including The Taxi Dancer (1996). Among the genres included are classics, dramas, Westerns, light comedies, documentaries and even poorly produced early pornography. Masterpieces such as Joan the Woman (1916), Intolerance (1916) and Faust (1926) can be found, as well as rare titles that have not received critical attention since their original releases.

Each entry provides the most complete credits possible, a full description, critical commentary, and an evaluation of the film’s unique place in motion picture history. Birth dates, death dates, and other facts are provided for the directors and players where available, with a selection of photographs of those individuals. The work is thoroughly indexed.

569 pages. Softcover.


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