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Burl Barer. The now legendary character created by Leslie Charteris has survived nearly three-quarters of a century of perilous action and narrow escapes with nary a hair out of place nor the slightest jolt to his jauntily tipped halo. From his earliest days battling “crooks, blood suckers, traders in vice and damnation” (and cracking the occasional safe on the side), the Saint has captured the imaginations of millions.

Using the voluminous correspondence and writings of author Leslie Charteris and examining the many incarnations of Simon Templar, alias “The Saint,” in other media, a detailed history emerges. Includes plot synopses of the radio and television programs, with air dates and production credits; descriptions of the movies and their credits; a bibliography, reviews of the books, and quotes from the principals. 2003. Softcover. 431 pages.


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