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MOLLY & LAWLESS JOHN and BLUE RIVER – Sam Elliott – Double feature – DVD


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Molly Parker (Vera Miles), the shy wife of a frontier sheriff who needs a little romance in her life, is brought out of her shell by Johnny Lawler (Sam Elliott), a handsome, younger man serving time in her husband’s jail. With nothing more than sweet talk and sex appeal, Johnny convinces Molly to help him escape. It isn’t long before the sheriff discovers the prison break, and he sets out in hot pursuit. As her husband closes in on her and Johnny, Molly must choose whether to take a stand or make a break for it%u2026

Based on the novel by Ethan Canin, Blue River depicts powerful events in a small Wisconsin town that drive two teenage brothers apart. The story begins when Lawrence Sellers, a homeless drifter, shows up at the home of his brother Edward, a successul doctor, and then flashes back to their youth and the circumstances of their breach.

Teenage Edward (Nick Stahl) looks up to his older brother Lawrence (Jerry O’Connell), their father having deserted the family many years before. Lawrence is troubled by his father’s abandonment and is determined not to let his family be humiliated. He directs much of his resentment at Mr. Howland (Sam Elliott), the school principal and the town’s model of moral rectitude, after Howland dumps the boys’ mother following an affair that she thought would lead to marriage.

In the ensuing months, Lawrence strives to be the model of a reformed youth, even joining the Blue River Community Club as a counselor. In support of his brother, Edward joins the club as well, though he stands out like a Boy Scout in a street gang. Edward becomes friends with Zoltan Morris (Patrick Renna), an overweight, troubled boy who marvels at fire. Edward ignores Lawrence’s warnings about Zoltan%u2014that he is a disturbed youngster who may cause trouble.

When Edward uncovers evidence that Zoltan could be behind a series of arson fires striking the small town, his conscience gets the best of him and he tips off Mr. Howland. Zoltan, unable to live with the shame, drowns himself in the Blue River. Though Howland assures him he did the right thing, Edward realizes he has betrayed a friend. Worse, Edward, while still mourning the loss, realizes that he has pinned the blame on the wrong person.

Not Rated – Violence, Profanity, Adult Situations, Nudity; Rated PG-13


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