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LAW AND OUTLAW, THE – Tom Mix – Silent – DVD


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"Dakota" Jim Wilson has been a fugitive from the law for two years, wanted for a crime that his brother Harry committed. Despite the bounty on his head, Jim is determined to prove his worth as a horseman and a hero. He is hired at the Bar 2 Ranch and falls in love with Grace, the owner, even saving her from a rampaging bull. But it’s only a matter of time before the law catches up with Jim and forces him to become a fugitive once more.

Tom Mix (1880-1940), "the King of the Cowboys," was unquestionably the premier Western superstar of Hollywood’s silent era, essentially creating the foundation for subsequent screen cowboys. Mix, who made almost 300 films, was renowned for doing most of the stunts in his films and was among Tinseltown’s highest-paid actors. After his death in an auto accident, Mix was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

BONUS: This DVD also includes Edwin S. Porter’s THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, the legendary 1903 Western widely regarded as a milestone in 20th-century filmmaking technique, and YOUNG OLDFIELD, a free-wheeling 1924 slapstick short comedy produced by Hal Roach, and directed by future three-time Oscar winner Leo McCarey, and starring famed funnyman Charley Chase.

Not rated. B&W. Silent. 65 minutes. 1913. Region 0 encoding.


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