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Starring Grant Withers , Henry Brandon , Betty Jane Rhodes , Raymond Hatton and Evelyn Brent .

Jungle Jim is based on a comic strip by Alex Raymond, the creator of Flash Gordon, and produced by Universal in 12 exciting chapters. Jungle Jim (Grant Withers) goes on safari to darkest Africa to find an heiress (Betty Jane Rhodes) who disappeared in the jungle a few years earlier. It turns out the heiress is not really lost but has become the ruler of a tribe of natives. It also appears that she has fallen under the influence of a mysterious figure known as The Cobra (Henry Brandon) who holds some kind of evil dominion over her. With Jungle Jim’s help, Joan escapes from The Cobra’s spell but now our hero and heroine must fight their way back to civilization against all manner of wild beasts and bad guys.

Not rated. 2 disc set. B&W. 12 chapters. 232 minutes. 1936. Region 1 encoding (U.S. and Canada only). 


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