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HUTTON, BETTY – 1952 Dixie Premium – VFN


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DESCRIPTION: Here’s a beautiful, original 1952 8″ x 10″ Dixie Ice Cream premium of popular screen star, BETTY HUTTON.  Dixie premiums were issued through 1953 and featured a full color litho portrait of movie stars, sports figures or screen cowboy heroes on one side and a brief biography on the reverse side, along with photos or a list of the star’s latest films. This one features bouncing Betty in four scenes from the Cecil B. DeMille Oscar-winning classic, THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH. Dixie premiums could only be obtained by an exchanging a folder of 12-14 (the number varied) circular Dixie Ice Cream lids (with a celebrity photo on one side) for one of these beautiful portraits. 

CONDITION: Stunning VERY FINE condition with faint edge and border wear. Nice, round binder holes. Rich, vibrant color. Slight paper yellowing. A beautiful addition to any Dixie Premium collection!! 


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