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ALYN, KIRK – Blackhawk – Autographed title card


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Dated (6/24/75) autograph of serial star KIRK ALYN (1910-1999) on original 11" 14" title card for the 1952 Columbia cliffhanger classic, BLACKHAWK.  This card is from chapter 13, "Blackhawk’s Daring Plan" and features two images of Alyn on the card. 

Alyn starred in six serials between 1946 and 1950 and is best remembered for being the screen’s first live-action "Superman" in two serials, SUPERMAN (1948) and ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN (1950). He is deservedly called "The Last of the Serial Kings."

Certificate of authenticity included.

CONDITION: Card is in solid FINE condition with light/moderate border edge and corner wear; scattered border area pinholes. No tape or tears.


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