ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION – Jim Bannon, Barry Curtis – 10 episodes – 2 DVDs

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ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION – Jim Bannon, Barry Curtis – 10 episodes – 2 DVDs


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THE ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION takes its name from Gene Autry’s beautiful horse, Champion, in this family-friendly series produced by Autry’s Flying A Productions. 

Ricky North (Barry Curtis), who like any youngster, has a nose for trouble and adventure, lives on a ranch with his Uncle Sandy (Jim Bannon) and his faithful German Shepherd, Rebel. Ricky and the wild stallion develop a bond, and while Champion runs free, only Ricky can summon him with a whistle from the remuda. Time after time, Ricky, Champion and Rebel are faced with danger and risks that arise on the frontier, and it is Champion, a horse of great intelligence and speed, that often saves the day! No matter what scrapes Ricky manages to get himself into, the Wonder Horse and Rebel are on hand to save the day.

THE ADVENTURES OF CHAMPION is great family entertainment, in the tradition of Fury and My Friend Flicka, which replaced Champion at the end of its run. These 10 exciting episodes bring the Old West alive, as Champion, Ricky and Rebel team up to take on all comers!

Episode titles:

The Saddle Tramp  – with Francis McDonald and Chris Alcaide.  
Crossroad Trail – with Stanley Andrews, Tom Irish and Lee Van Cleef. 
Salted Ground – with Hal K. Dawson and Tristram Coffin. 
The Medicine Man Mystery – with Myron Healey and Harry Harris Sr. 
Hangman’s Noose – with Hank Patterson and Frank Fenton. 
The Stone Heart – with James Best, Bill Henry and Barbara Bestar. 
The Deer Hunters – with Leonard Penn, Howard Negley and Glenn Strange. 
Andrew and the Deadly Double  – with Bill Henry, Don C. Harvey and Mary Jane Saunders. 
Bad Men of the Valley – with Morgan Jones, Sally Fraser and Ray Bennett. 
Brand of the Lawless – with Ann Doran, Walter Reed and Hank Patters

Not rated. 2DVDs. 300 minutes. Region 1 encoding (U.S. and Canada only).


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