8 SPAGHETTI WESTERNS – Lee Van Cleef, Bud Spencer – DVD

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8 SPAGHETTI WESTERNS – Lee Van Cleef, Bud Spencer – DVD


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BLOOD MONEY – Lee Van Cleef, Lo Leigh When a scheming thief gets mixed up with a Chinese man’s hidden treasure, he is recruited by a young Kung-Fu student to help hunt down the missing inheritance.

THE BOUNTY KILLER – Richard Wyler. An escaped convict and a ruthless bounty hunter face off in a dangerous and violent showdown where the fastest gun will win.

SARTANA IN THE VALLEY OF DEATH – William Berger. Outlaw Lee Calloway breaks three bandit brothers out of jail in exchange for part of their stolen gold…but is forced to fight back when they don’t hold up their end of the deal.

SUNDANCE CASSIDY AND BUTCH THE KID – Giuiliano Gemma. Estranged brothers Monty and Ted Mulligan must live together for six months in order to cash in on their inheritance.

WANTED – Giuliano Gemma. A newly-appointed sheriff is framed for murder, forcing him to prove his innocence and fight for his freedom.

BUDDY GOES WEST – Bud Spencer. A drifter, mistaken for a doctor, takes on his new role while also trying to protect the town of Yucca from a band of outlaws.

LIFE IS TOUGH, EH PROVIDENCE? – Tomas Milian. In this Western comedy classic, an eccentric bounty hunter uses the same crook to collect rewards in each state.

THE PRICE OF POWER – Giuliano Gemma. Bill Willer, a former soldier and skilled gunman, discovers an assassination plot and must expose the truth to save the life of an innocent man.

Not rated. Violence/Nudity. Color. Over 12 hours. Region 1 encoding (U. S. and Canada).


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