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26 MEN – Tris Coffin, Kelo Henderson


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26 MEN was based on true official files of the Arizona Rangers in the final days of taming the “old west.” In 1901, a law enforcement organization was formed, known as the Arizona Rangers, consisting of twenty-six men: a captain, a lieutenant, four sergeants and twenty privates. The Rangers preserved and maintained law and order in the Arizona Territory, making arrests of criminals in any part of Arizona. As one of the original members reportedly recalled: “The reason there was only twenty-six of us was because the Territory couldn’t afford no more.”

This series starring Tris Coffin and Kelo Henderson, and produced by Russell Hayden, was a thrilling tale of law enforcement and partnership.

THE RECRUIT – two Rangers answer a call for help from a newspaper editor in the town of Wilcox. When they arrive, they find the editor hanging from a tree.

TROUBLE AT PINACLE PEAK – Pursuing a group of vicious outlaw, Rynning and Travis enlist the help of an Indian tracker.

THE WILD BUNCH – When a member of the Wild Bunch escapes from Ranger Clint Travis, he is fired. In order to redeem himself he takes on the entire gang.

BORDER INCIDENT – Clint Travis disguises himself as a gunrunner to try to stop Juan Morales from overthrowing the Mexican government.

INCIDENT AT YUMA – A group of convicts has escaped from prison but Captain Rynning cannot get any men to help recapture them.

THE SLATER BROTHERS – When Ranger Clint Travis is falsely accused of murder, he is sent by Capt. Tom Running into the Galioro Mountains of Arizona to prove his innocence and find a group of cattle rustlers.

THE BIG ROPE – A group of drunken townsfolk perform a lynching. Capt. Rynning and Clint Travis arrive to see that the perpetrators are punished.

TRAIL OF DARKNESS – Two women have been murdered, and a man mentally scarred by war is accused of the crime.

TRADE ME DEADLY – An outlaw gang, led by the notorious Ma Hackett, threatens revenge if an imprisoned member of their clan is executed.

THE BELLS OF ST. THOMAS – A gang of desperados seeks refuge at the St. Thomas mission, but a brave Indian boy, with help of the Rangers, sees to it that their bid fails.

Not rated. 2 DVDs. B&W. Apprx. 250 minutes. Region 1 encoding (U.S. and Canada only).




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