20 WESTERN CLASSICS – John Wayne, Raldolph Scott, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers – 4 DVDs

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20 WESTERN CLASSICS – John Wayne, Raldolph Scott, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers – 4 DVDs


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Ride the range once more with the three the screen’s most popular cowboys — John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Roy Rogers and Gene Autry — in this special 4 DVD set containing 20 rip-snortin’, action-filled westerns! Titles in this collection are:

RAGE AT DAWNRage at Dawn chroTitles in this collection are:nicles the notorious Reno posse, a band of brothers whose scandalous deeds in 1866 Indiana necessitate a brave lawman possessing the fortitude to hunt them down and level justice. The man for the job is courageous law enforcer James Barlow (Randolph Scott) — an agent for the Peterson Detective Agency. Once on the case, Barlow concocts a scheme to infiltrate the gang as one of their own –a bad to the bone outlaw. The detective quickly learns that the posse has been bribing key officials on the sly, thus allowing the outlaws to function without interference. Unable to trust any of the town leaders, Barlow devises a scheme to set up the Renos in a pre-dawn train heist. He is successful at rounding up the posse but finds himself up against an angry throng of self-righteous lynchers that he must contend with before his work is through.

THE FIGHTING WESTERNERThis Western mystery features Randolph Scott as law enforcer Larry Sutton, who is asked to solve a sudden rash of murders at a radium mine. The owner of the mine becomes an immediate suspect, but things aren’t always what they seem, and Sutton finds himself chasing red herrings meant to throw him off course. Undeterred, he believes he has uncovered the link to the murders, and that the truth lies in a suspicious Asian man, Ling Yat (Willie Fung), but once again, Sutton has been duped. To further complicate matters, the lawman finds himself pitted against a man who is fighting on the same side of the law, but who is hoping to beat Sutton to the punch. It appears as if the officer with honest intentions may never uncover the truth.

ABILENE TOWNThe setting is Abilene, Kansas, during the post Civil War years%u2014a time of instability and social unrest. The town’s population is exploding from an influx of homesteaders, which causes a hometown civil war between the new settlers and the cattle ranchers. A precarious compromise is made between the two groups, and they divide the town in half — one half is to be used by the ranchers, and the other is delegated to the homesteaders for farming. But when newly arrived settlers encroach upon the cattle ranchers’ land, all hell breaks loose; and it is up to the town marshal, Dan Mitchell (Randolph Scott), to recoup peace and order.

TO THE LAST MANA Zane Grey oater about a down and dirty feud that breaks out between two families when it is discovered that a member of one of the families has resorted to cattle rustling. The film boasts a memorable cast including Randoph Scott, Noah Beery, John Carradine, Buster Crabbe, Barton MacLane, Esther Ralston, and features the acting talents of beloved child-actress Shirley Temple.

BLUE STEELU.S. Marshal John Carruthers (John Wayne) is on the hunt for the Polka Dot Bandit (Yakima Canutt), who has made off with four thousand dollars of payroll money. The plot thickens when Carruthers discovers that the stolen payroll is peanuts compared to the outlaw’s next target.

THE DAWN RIDERA botched robbery leads to the murder of John Mason’s (John Wayne) father. John then chases after the killer thief and is wounded in the pursuit. As a result, Mason is taken to the home of Alice Gordon (Marion Burns), who nurses him back to health, and the two quickly fall in love. But Mason’s blue skies soon turn gray when he discovers that the man responsible for his father’s death is none other than Alice’s very own brother.

THE LAWLESS FRONTIERJohn Tobin (John Wayne) is on the hunt for his father’s killer, whose next misdeed is the attempted kidnapping of a young woman. John foils the abduction but fails to capture the villain. When the outlaw dies suddenly from drinking poisoned water, Tobin goes after the rest of the dead killer’s gang for justice.

THE LUCKY TEXANFresh out of college, Jerry Mason (John Wayne) and his pal Jake Benson (George “Gabby” Hayes) discover a gold mine and then make the mistake of taking a sample of their find to town. Naively, the pair puts its trust in the wrong man, who plots to get the boys out of his way for good.

‘NEATH THE ARIZONA SKIESChris Morrell (John Wayne) aids his foster daughter in her search for her biological father so she can claim her rightful inheritance, but first he must get the young girl out of town before she falls victim to Sam Black (Yakima Canutt) and his greedy gang.

RANDY RIDES ALONEWhen Randy Bowers (John Wayne) unwittingly waltzes into a saloon filled with corpses, it looks as though the massacre will be pinned on him. Consequently, Bowers must search for the true killers if he hopes to avoid the hangman’s noose.

THE STAR PACKERJohn Wayne is U.S. Marshal John Travers, who is charged with the duty of tracking down a villainous chieftain known only as “The Shadow,” responsible for committing several unsolved murders.

RIDERS OF THE WHISTLING PINES While tailing Forest Ranger Charles Carter (Jason Robards Sr.), Gene Autry is forced to shoot at a threatening mountain lion. Carter, who was falsely suspected of allowing lumberman Henry Mitchell (Douglass Dumbrille) to chop down government protected timber, is found dead, and Autry’s shot at the lion is believed to have done the deed. In truth, Mitchell’s partner in crime, Bill Wright (Damian O’Flynn), killed Carter to stop Mitchell and Wright’s lumber scheme from being exposed. When Autry uncovers the truth and attempts to put a stop to Wright, the villain frames him once again –this time for poisoning.

THE BIG SHOWGene Autry plays a dual role in this film: well-known cowboy Tom Ford and his identical stunt double. When Ford fails to show at the Dallas, Texas, Centennial for a personal appearance, his stuntman attempts to impersonate the missing star. A plot twist is thrown into the mix when gangster Rico arrives at the event to collect the $10,000 that Ford owes him, believing the cowboy’s stunt double to be Ford. Confusion and mayhem ensue between the gangster — who is intent on making the cowboy pay up — and the rodeo star’s adoring but bewildered fans.

SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIESWhen Sandra, a rancher newly out of animal husbandry school, tries her hand at raising sheep in cattle country, the local ranchers are violently opposed due to limited rangeland for their cattle to roam and graze. Now the target of plots devised to drive her away, Sandra enlists the aid of ranch foreman Gene Autry, who steps in to expose the cattlemen’s tricks and make peace between the feuding parties. But when Autry is framed for murder, what will become of Sandra and her ranch%u2014and who will clear Gene’s name?

BOOTS AND SADDLESEdward, a young British earl, winds up in the Wild West when he inherits a rambling ranch from his recently deceased father. Conflict arises when the earl discovers his dad is indebted to a neighbor. To pay off his father’s debt, the boy agrees to put the ranch up for sale%u2014much to the chagrin of Gene Autry, who urges the earl to raise horses for the U.S. Army instead. But Edward can’t be persuaded, and a buyer puts in a bid for the ranch. Autry matches the proposition, and a horse race is scheduled to determine the winning bid. But on the night before the big race, Autry’s stable tragically burns down, and all fingers point to arson!!

KING OF THE COWBOYSRoy Rogers stars as a renowned rodeo legend assigned by the government to look into a rash of warehouse bombings during World War II. As part of the operation, Roy penetrates the Merry Makers, a traveling tent show whose fake mind reader, Maurice, is also head of the gang of saboteurs. But when Roy attempts to expose the malevolent man, Maurice catches him in the act of gathering evidence and ties the cowboy up in a warehouse that is about to be blown to smithereens. Luckily, Roy escapes but finds himself in hot water once again when Maurice murders a man and frames Rogers for the dirty deed. Soon Roy is jailed, and it becomes a race against time to stop the terrorists before they can bomb a train loaded with war supplies.

MY PAL TRIGGERSaid to be Roy Rogers’ personal favorite and one of his best films, My Pal Trigger unfolds as horse trader Roy prepares to breed his finest mare with a friend’s palomino stallion. Trouble arises when a shifty gambler, who wants to use the stud to breed with one of his own mares, attempts to rustle the coveted horse. The plan fails, the stud breaks away and breeds with Roy’s mare just before the gambler shows up, guns the escaped stallion down, and leaves Roy to take the blame. All ends well as Rogers deals some frontier style justice, and the mare eventually gives birth to Trigger, who grows into Roy’s faithful steed.

SONG OF TEXASTired of the thieving orchestrated by his manager Jim Calvert, Roy Rogers leaves the rodeo and enters the ranching industry. Though successful at his new endeavor, Roy soon finds himself helping his washed-up rodeo pal Sam trick his daughter into believing he’s a rich, successful rancher after she sends word that she is coming to visit. To help his old friend out, Roy agrees to let his friend pose as the owner of his ranch, but a disgruntled Calvert threatens the harmless plan by scheming to reveal the truth to Sam’s daughter.

UNDER CALIFORNIA STARSWhen Trigger, Roy Rogers’ magnificent steed, is stolen and his captors demand a 100,000-dollar ransom, Roy is determined to foil the thieves and retrieve his beloved palomino. At first, Roy suspects his young assistant, Ted Conover, of helping the thieves make off with Trigger, but when the boy helps Rogers trick the abductors, his true colors are revealed.

UTAH Dorothy Bryant (Dale Evans) is a Chicago actress whose musical revue is shut down when funds fall short. To her surprise, Dorothy soon learns she has inherited a ranch in Utah, which she plans on selling to get her revue going again. Dorothy and her show mates, the Melody Maids, head out West to find a buyer, but when they arrive, cowhand Roy Rogers dupes Dorothy into believing she owns a ramshackle, broken-down ranch because Rogers doesn’t want to see the real one get sold. His plan backfires when instead of going back to Chicago, Dorothy accepts cattle dealer Ben Bowman’s low-ball bid for the real ranch.

Not rated. 4 DVDs. B&W/Color. 1229 minutes. Region 1 encoding (U.S. and Canada only).

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