150 CARTOON CLASSICS – Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Casper – 3 DVDs

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150 CARTOON CLASSICS – Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Casper – 3 DVDs


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Here is the ultimate cartoon collection for one incredibly low price. All your favorite characters are there including Woody Woodpecker, Casper the Ghost, Betty Boop, Little Lulu, Baby Huey, The Three Stooges and many more. You’ll discover rare gems from the early days of animation that are sure to delight any collector. It’s all here in this 150 cartoon treasury, digitally re-mastered on 3 DVDs.

This collection is intended for the adult animation collector. Please be aware that some of the content may be unsuitable for children.


Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp
Ali Baba
All’s Fair At The Fair
All’s Well
Along Came A Duck
Ancient Fistory
Ants In The Plants
April Maze
Assault and Flattery
Bargain Counter Attack
Barnyard Bunk
Bee My Honey
Behind the 8 Ball Express
Betty Boop and Little Jimmy
Betty Boop and the Little King
Betty Boop with Henry, The Funniest Living American
Betty Boop’s Crazy Inventions
Betty Boop’s Ker-Choo
Betty Boop’s Rise to Fame
Betty in Blunderland
Big Bad Sindbad
Boo Moon
Boy Meets Dog
Brave Molly
Bride and Gloom
Cad and Caddy
Candid Candidate, The
A Car-Tune Portrait
Cheese Burglar
Circus Capers
The Cob Web Hotel
Comin’ Round The Mountain
Cookin’ With Gags
Crystal Brawl
Cupid Gets His Man
Customers Wanted
A Date to Skate
Ding Dong Doggie
Dizzy Doodlers
The Enchanted Square
Fire Cheese
Flat Heads
Floor Flusher
Flycycle Built for Two
The Fresh Vegetable Mystery
The Friendly Ghost
Fright To The Finish
Gabby Goes Fishing
Get That Snack Shack Off the Track
The Golden State
Goldriggers of ’49
Goofy Goat Antics
Goofy Goofy Gander
The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg
Gopher Spinach
Grampy’s Indoor Outing
Greek Mirthology
Hairbrained Barbers
Hasty and the Princess
A Haul In One
Hawaiian Birds
Hector’s Hectic Life
The Henpecked Rooster
Hot Air Salesman
I Don’t Scare
In The Museum
Insect to Injury
Is My Palm Read?
It’s a Greeks Life
Jolly Fish
Judge For A Day
The Kindhearted Girl
King for a Day
Language All My Own, A
Les Escargots
Let’s Sing w/ Popeye
Litter Bear
Little Brown Jug
Little Hawk
Little Nobody
Little Soap and Water, A
The Little Stranger
The Littlest Martian
The Lost Dream
The Magic Horn
Making Friends
Marriage Wows
Me Musical Nephews
Music Academy
A Mutt In The Rut
My Friend the Monkey
Naughty But Mice
The Noisy Silent Movie
Nursery Scandal
On With The New
Once Upon A Time
Out To Punch
Palm Court Orchestra
Pantry Panic
Parlez Vous Woo
Parrotville Old Folks
Parrotville Post Office
Patriotic Popeye
Peeping Penguins
Pencil Mania
Picnic Panic
Play Safe
Popeye For President
Popeye Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves
Popeye’s 20th Anniversary
Private Eye Popeye
Professor YaYa’s Memoirs
The Proud Princess
Pudgy Picks a Fight
Pudgy Takes a Bow-Wow
The Queen of Hearts
Red Riding Hood
Scotty Finds a Home
Shuteye Popeye
Snow Foolin’
The Snow Man
So Does An Automobile
A Spanish Twist
Spinning Mice
Spooky Swabs
Spree Lunch
The Story of Time
Sultan Pepper
The Sunshine Makers
The Talking Magpies
Tarts and Flowers
There’s Good Boos Tonight
The Three Sisters
Time For Love
Tin Horn Dude
Toonerville Picnic
Toonerville Trolley
Tree Nuts
Trolley Ahoy
The Tuba Tooter
Turnabout is Bearplay
Vacuum Cleaner
Westward Whoa
Winter Draws On
Wolf! Wolf!
You Can’t Shoe a Horsefly

Not rated. 3 DVDs. Color/B&W. 17 hours 15 minutes. Region 1 encoding (U.S. and Canada only).


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