RED RYDER TRIPLE FEATURE - "Wild Bill" Elliott, Allan Lane - DVD

RED RYDER TRIPLE FEATURE - "Wild Bill" Elliott, Allan Lane - DVD

"Wild Bill" Elliott, Allan Lane, Bobby Blake, Martha Wentworth, Alice Fleming.

Here are three, action-packed Republic Pictures' Red Ryder westerns released for the first time on a single DVD as a triple feature!!

LONE TEXAS RANGER (1945) - Red Ryder ("Wild Bill" Elliott) and Little Beaver (Bobby Blake) set out to put an end to the crooked dealings of a local sheriff and the blacksmith. They have been robbing everything they come across and framing innocent ranchers and cowhands. CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH  (1946) - Stagecoaches on the line owned by Colonel Parker are being robbed and the drivers killed so The Duchess (Alice Fleming), sends for Red Ryder ("Wild Bil"l Elliott) and Little Beaver, who eventually set everything right. HOMESTEADERS OF PARADISE VALLEY (1947) - Red Ryder (Allan Lane) has guided a group of homesteaders to Paradise Valley, where they plan to settle on a beautiful stretch of land the government has put up for sale. A group of local crooks try to scare the settlers away from this potentially lucrative valley so Red goes undercover to spoil the bad guys%u2019 plans. Bonus features include scene selection, trailers, biographies, poster & comic book gallery. 

Not rated. Black and white. 171 minutes. 1945-47. Region 1 encodig (U.S. and Canada only). 

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